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Latest Chick News

We are 12 weeks old!


Our little chicks are not so little anymore.  They have grown so much and are really developing their own characteristics.  I'm not sure who is the boss yet as they seem to be very diplomatic and take it in turns.  


This morning, I actually heard proper chicken clucking and not their baby cheeps.  It was so strange and unexpected.  I hope the neighbours don't get cross if all four start clucking at once.  Luckily, it didn't last for long and they went back to their favourite hobby - pecking and scratching at the grass (and my shoes). 


We heard from the other chicks new owners last week and they are all doing really well and have moved into the large run with the other chickens and have settled into their permanent home.  You have to be very patient when introducing new chickens to your established flock or the new ones can be bullied.  Chickens are rather territorial.  They have to live in separate runs side by side for a couple of weeks before letting them meet face to face.  This way they will recogonise each other and have gotten used to each other through the mesh.  


We hope you all have a lovely week and get out to enjoy the sunshine but please don't forget to stay alert while you are out and keep on social distancing so that you stay safe.


Mrs Warren, Clementine, Peach, Tilly and Valerie