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Peripatetic Pupils

Hillingdon Music Hub offers a range of peripatetic lessons here at Harlyn, including keyboard, violin and guitar.


Tips for making your practice between lessons as productive as possible:

  • Set aside at least 20 minutes per day in which to practice your instrument.
  • If you have a space where your instrument can safely be left set up, this may help you maximise your practice time.
  • Don’t rush! Once you have played through a piece, go back to any hard sections and play them at a slower pace repeatedly, until you have mastered them.
  • Listen to your teacher in your weekly lesson. What have they told you to work on? Make that the focus of your practice for the week.
  • At the end of each practice session, hold a mini-concert. Ask a parent or guardian to come and listen to you play through the piece you’ve been working on.


Tips for parents:

  • In order to support your child, you may find this website useful. You’ll find some instructional videos that might help you support your child’s practice.
  • Consider taking them to a live performance. Giving your child the opportunity to see what they can aim towards if they work hard can help keep them motivated. They may even identify a role model to provide inspiration!
  • As they progress through their lessons, your child’s teacher may suggest that they join a music ensemble. This gives children a value opportunity to perform a variety of music, whilst also developing friendships and important life skills such as discipline.