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 smileyWelcome to Year 4 2017-18smiley


4B- Mr Butler (Y4 Leader)     4A- Mrs Ahtti      4D- Miss Davis




Welcome back to your final term in Year 4.  All of the staff hope that you have had a wonderful Easter holiday and are sure that everyone is ready for another action-packed term! Let's keep up the good work and challenge ourselves to achieve as much as possible before July.


This year, we are very lucky to have Mrs Barton and Mrs Cassells supporting the teachers and the children across the year group. They will be an asset to Year 4! Other adults will be working in our year group from time to time to provide further support where necessary. 


We firmly believe that education and enjoyment go hand in hand; we want the children to work hard but enjoy their time at school. If you have any concerns, make an appointment to speak to your child's class teacher in the first instance- the majority of issues can be quickly resolved this way. Should you wish to discuss something further, please make an appointment to meet with Mr Butler (Year Leader). This can be done via Mrs Harris.  We are more than happy to help you! smiley


Swimming will take place on Friday mornings for all Year 4 classes. The children must ensure that their swimming kit is in school for them to take part fully. They will work towards their National Curriculum award. 


Swimming Kit:

Girls- one-piece costumes

Boys- tight trunks no longer than mid-thigh with no pockets


- No jewellery/watches to be worn on swimming days

- All children must wear a hat. Please purchase a hat ready for your child's first lesson

- No goggles allowed until children have passed their National Curriculum award

- We are encouraging the use of swimming bags


PE Kit:

Outdoor PE lessons are on the following days:


4B- Friday, 4A - Wednesday, 4D- Thursday 


Indoor PE for the whole year group will be on Thursday but will alternate between the classes. Children should have their PE kit in school at all times to allow them to take part in PE lessons fully. 


Forest Schools!

Forest Schools! 1
Forest Schools! 2
Forest Schools! 3
Forest Schools! 4
Forest Schools! 5
Forest Schools! 6
Forest Schools! 7
Forest Schools! 8
Forest Schools! 9

Dragon Days!

Dragon Days! 1
Dragon Days! 2
Dragon Days! 3
Dragon Days! 4
Dragon Days! 5
Dragon Days! 6
Dragon Days! 7
Dragon Days! 8
Dragon Days! 9

Maths Week

Maths Week  1
Maths Week  2
Maths Week  3
Maths Week  4
Maths Week  5
Maths Week  6
Maths Week  7
Maths Week  8

Science Museum!

Science Museum! 1
Science Museum! 2
Science Museum! 3
Science Museum! 4
Science Museum! 5
Science Museum! 6
Science Museum! 7
Science Museum! 8
Science Museum! 9
Science Museum! 10
Science Museum! 11
Science Museum! 12
Science Museum! 13
Science Museum! 14
Science Museum! 15
Science Museum! 16
Science Museum! 17
Science Museum! 18
Science Museum! 19
Science Museum! 20
Science Museum! 21
Science Museum! 22
Science Museum! 23
Science Museum! 24
Science Museum! 25
Science Museum! 26
Science Museum! 27
Science Museum! 28
Science Museum! 29
Science Museum! 30
Science Museum! 31
Science Museum! 32
Science Museum! 33

Christmas in Year 4!

Christmas in Year 4! 1 Christmas Decorations!
Christmas in Year 4! 2 Lower Key Stage 2- Christmas Jumper Day!
Christmas in Year 4! 3 4B- Christmas Jumper Day!
Christmas in Year 4! 4 4D- Christmas Jumper Day!
Christmas in Year 4! 5 4B- Puzzle Team!
Christmas in Year 4! 6 4A- Christmas Jumper Day!
Christmas in Year 4! 7 4B- Christmas Jumper Day!
Christmas in Year 4! 8 4D- Christmas Jumper Day!
Christmas in Year 4! 9 4A- Christmas Jumper Day!

Year 4 Class Assemblies

Year 4 Class Assemblies  1 4B- Black History Month