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Aims, Ethos and Values

Harlyn Primary School Aims, Ethos and Values


General: To give children equal opportunities for learning, through a wide variety of experiences that will develop their knowledge, skills, character and recognition of their rights.

To actively promote British Values, race equality and good race relations across all areas of school life and to eliminate unlawful discrimination.


Curriculum: To ensure that the school pursues high academic standards through a broad and balanced creative curriculum which

  • complies with the requirements of the National and Foundation Stage Curriculum;
  • promotes equality of opportunity for all;
  • makes learning fun and enjoyable;
  • motivates children to have high expectations;
  • provides continuity and progression;
  • is monitored, evaluated and reviewed.


Social: To provide a happy, caring, safe and welcoming environment in which children are encouraged and helped to


  • learn and respect the rights of all children;
  • develop and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle;
  • develop respect and consideration;
  • learn and play in harmony with each other and in teams;
  • become more confident and independent;
  • demonstrate good behaviour and self-discipline;
  • develop qualities of determination, honesty, trust and reliability.


Staffing: To recruit, develop and retain high quality staff and a commitment to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.


Finance: To manage the school’s finances efficiently and wisely, with fair consideration given to all areas of the school’s activities.


Home: To encourage family involvement in the full life of the school.


Community: To maintain and strengthen links with the local and wider community.