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Football Team 1963-4 Page 2

I am an ex pupil of Harlyn Primary and left in 1964.  I was interested to see the photograph sent in by Christian Arkey but there are a couple of errors and I would be grateful if you could perhaps confirm with Christian and correct them.  I am listed as one of the team although I am Stonehill not Stonehouse and it isn't me in the photo - that is Tony Rayment who was a good friend of mine at the time, his family lived in Middleton Drive.  The boy on the end, next to Tony is Dave (not Andrew) King.  I have to admit I do not remember Michael Clarke at all and the one labelled Robert Hill looks familiar but the name doesn't ring a bell.  I could probably have named most of the others without looking at the list.  I was not particularly good at football and was not a regular team member.


Tony, Dave (and myself) went on to 'Potter Street' and I think the rest of the team went to 'St Nicks' and we lost touch with them.  Tony went on to join the Navy following a family tradition and I think Dave became a Fireman.  I have ended up living in Botswana for the last 17 years, much to my surprise! 


I can remember Mr Baker, Mr Thorpe and Mr Clinch very well. 




John Stonehill