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Peripatetic lessons

Hillingdon Music Hub offers a range of peripatetic lessons here at Harlyn, including keyboard, violin, trumpet and guitar. They do offer lessons on other instruments at centres around Hillingdon. 

Further information on signing up for peripatetic lessons can be found here: 

Please note that some families may be eligible for reduced lesson rates. Please see the guidance on the website for further details.  


Tips for making your practice between lessons as productive as possible:

  • Set aside at least 20 minutes per day in which to practice your instrument.
  • If you have a space where your instrument can safely be left set up, this may help you maximise your practice time.
  • Don’t rush! Once you have played through a piece, go back to any hard sections and play them at a slower pace repeatedly, until you have mastered them.
  • Listen to your teacher in your weekly lesson. What have they told you to work on? Make that the focus of your practice for the week.
  • At the end of each practice session, hold a mini-concert. Ask a parent or guardian to come and listen to you play through the piece you’ve been working on.


Tips for parents:

  • In order to support your child, you may find this website useful. You’ll find some instructional videos that might help you support your child’s practice.
  • Consider taking them to a live performance. Giving your child the opportunity to see what they can aim towards if they work hard can help keep them motivated. They may even identify a role model to provide inspiration!
  • As they progress through their lessons, your child’s teacher may suggest that they join a music ensemble. This gives children a value opportunity to perform a variety of music, whilst also developing friendships and important life skills such as discipline.

Guide on how to apply for lessons