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Year 2

smiley Welcome to Year 2! smiley


2J - Miss Jones          2P - Mrs Petley 



Below is a timetable which may help you to structure your home learning day, you do not have to follow it and please adapt it to work in the best way for you and your child. Remember to break the day down into small chunks of learning and have the right amount of breaks. Each week we will upload a document with ideas for learning that week, there will also be relevant worksheets uploaded. Some ideas are ongoing and can be done every week, some will be specific to that week. You will also find a document with lots of links to useful websites, we will add to this list as we find out about more. Not all learning has to be written work, practical learning is great, as is talking and internet based games/activities! 
This is a very stressful time for us all and together we will come through it. Most importantly let's keep our children happy and smiling :)

Miss Jones & Mrs Petley  


9 – 9.30

P.E with Joe Wicks


English Focus




10.30 – 10.45


10.45 - 11

Free Time (Outdoors)


Maths Focus

12 - 1

Lunchtime (Outdoors)

1 – 2

Topic Focus

(Science/ History/Geography/


2 - 3


Board Games/Puzzles/

Time Outdoors