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School Terms and Holiday Dates



Autumn Term 2021Wednesday 1st September - Friday 17th December

                                      SCHOOL OPENS THURSDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER


Closures:                   Wednesday 1st September - Training Day

                                  Friday 22nd October - Training Day

                                  Week 25th-29th October - Half Term


Spring Term 2022: Tuesday 4th January - Friday 1st April

                                  SCHOOL OPENS WEDNESDAY 5TH JANUARY


Closures:                 Tuesday 4th January - Training Day

                                Friday 11th February - Training Day

                                Week 14th-18th February - Half Term


Summer Term 2022: Wednesday 20th April - Friday 22nd July


Closures:                   Week 30th May - 3rd June - Half Term

                                  Friday 1st July - Training Day



Autumn Term 2022: Thursday 1st September - Friday 16th December

                                     SCHOOL OPENS MONDAY 5TH SEPTEMBER


Closures:                    Thursday 1st September - Training Day

                                   Friday 2nd September - Training Day

                                   Friday 21st October - Training Day

                                   Week 24th-28th October - Half Term


Spring Term 2023: Tuesday 3rd January - Friday 31st March


Closures:                 Friday 10th February - Training Day

                                Week 13th-17th February - Half Term


Summer Term 2023: Monday 17th April - Friday 21st July


Closures:                   Week 29th May - 2nd June - Half Term



NB: - To be advised: Starting and finishing dates for the Nursery may vary. Please consult our calendar.