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Maths at Harlyn


At Harlyn Primary School, we intend for all pupils to experience an inspiring, number-rich and motivational Maths environment. We aim for all pupils to have access to a Maths curriculum which meets the needs of all learners and equips them with the mathematical skills necessary for them to succeed on whichever path they follow. We understand that Mathematics is a fundamental part of everyday life and through our high-quality teaching, children are provided with the foundation for understanding the world. We aim to instil in children a positive ‘can do’ attitude towards their learning in Maths and support all children to become mathematicians. Along their learning journey, children are offered many opportunities to enrich their Mathematics skills, in order to develop a love and sense of curiosity for the subject.

We feel Mathematics at Harlyn teaches our children:

  • to become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics so that they are able to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately
  • to be able to reason mathematically by justifying, making links to known facts, or providing proof using mathematical language
  • to become skilled mathematicians and solve problems by applying their mathematical knowledge and tools to a variety of new and abstract contexts
  • to have a deep understanding of their learning
  • to apply their mathematical knowledge across other subjects in the whole curriculum
  • to know that Mathematics is necessary to everyday life
  • to become confident and curious mathematicians, who show resilience, perseverance and independence and who are not afraid to take risks



  • At Harlyn Primary School, we use a variety of planning resources to provide a bespoke teaching and learning experience that is designed to educate and inspire our children. We have developed our own Programme of Study based on the National Curriculum 2014 for KS1 and KS2 and Development Matters and the Early years foundation stage (EYFS) statutory framework (2021) in EYFS.
  • Teachers and other adults working in EYFS are fully trained in supporting early mathematical development and helping our youngest learners to acquire early number sense. This is achieved through practical and engaging activities, which children can access, alongside adults or independently with peers, to practise their maths skills.
  • In Key Stages One and Two, Maths lessons are planned according to the National Curriculum and are underpinned by the ‘five big ideas’ in Maths Mastery.  This approach supports teachers to plan and deliver lessons which teach pupils essential skills, gives them time to develop their fluency and apply their knowledge to practise mathematical reasoning and solve problems.
  • Teachers promote and encourage pupils to work collaboratively, as well as independently and provide excellent modelling of all mathematical processes and concepts as part of everyday teaching.  Mathematical talk is encouraged to enable children to justify and reason their ideas.
  • On-going assessment and feedback during lessons helps to identify children who need additional support, who are provided with extra time for consolidation and interventions to support their learning.
  • Pupils are encouraged to make connections between the different aspects of Mathematics which encourages clear connections between distinct areas. Pupils should therefore be able to use their previous learning within new topics rather than treating each area of maths as separate and unconnected.
  • Combining Maths with other subjects as appropriate, explicitly joins children’s learning together and helps pupils develop a sound cross-curricular understanding of the world.
  • Children enjoy online activities to enhance their learning at home, such as Doodle Maths and Doodle Tables.



Children at Harlyn Primary School engage confidently in Maths activities and are resilient. They understand the relevance and importance of what they are learning and pupils demonstrate a quick recall of facts. Children demonstrate fluency in strategies and are able to move between different contexts and representations of mathematics flexibly.


At Harlyn, our children make connections and show confidence in believing that they can achieve. Through our enriched Maths curriculum, children will not only deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts, but will leave Harlyn with the mathematical skills needed to empower them in their everyday experiences in the wider world.


We expect the impact of our teaching to be that children meet age related expectations. These can be seen in the progression document below.