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More Names re Stonehill Post from Colin Toovey

I stumbled across this post from John Stonehill  whilst searching for an old school friend that I went to the 1966 World Cup Final with, he was a year or two below me. No joy as yet.


I have managed to fill in a few for names to faces, apologies to anyone I have got wrong (the little grey cells are not what they were).


I can remember a few more names that I am not confident on matching faces to:


Carolyn Dingwall

Deidrie Duguid

Richard Martin (or similar)

Hugh Tyler

Kenneth Lavender


… again apologies if any are spelt wrong.


Just as a coincidence, I married a teacher (now retired) and very recently discovered she worked with a teacher (at Solent Middle School, Farlington, Hants.) that was at Harlyn some years after I left. They meet quite regularly. Her name was Miss Linda Field and became Mrs Linda Munro. She left Harlyn in 1984 after 6 years having taught reception and year 1.


For the record this class left Harlyn in the summer of 1961.


I know (through Kate) that the world of teaching has changed dramatically since those days. I do hope Harlyn is doing well.

I would never say they were the happiest days of my life but I have many fond memories and feel fortunate to have grown up in that era.


Very best wishes to you and all (present and past).


Colin Toovey