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Extra Opportunities

Harlyn Primary School has a very successful choir open to pupils in years three to six. They rehearse weekly, completing vocal warm-ups and learning a range of songs. The choir has the opportunity to perform at a number of events both within school and in the wider community. 


In addition to this, the 'Song Squad' opens for our year 2 pupils in the summer term. This allows the children to gain an insight into how choir rehearsals run and experiencing performing at events; providing a stepping stone to our established KS2 choir. 


We also have a 'music ensemble'. Pupils from Key Stage 2 who have instrumental lessons are invited to perform as part of a group. It is a wonderful opportunity for pupils to expand their musical skills and perform in front of their peers. 


We also run a music technology club, open to pupils in Key Stage 2. This will allow the pupils to use a range of software in order to compose, play, perform and edit their own music.