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Mr Clinch’s class, dated round about 1960. I am bang in the middle of the top row – the one with the wonky fringe, which my mother made a habit of cutting herself ! As I go through the pupils I remember many of the names. Ivor Griffiths is on the first row, far right. Quite a few of the pupils went on to St. Mary’s Grammar with me : Veronica Millier, Veronica Scott, Roger Rackley, Sheila Turner (head prefect), Linda Hanford etc. Peter Dimmock and David Pirie on the front row went to a Comprehensive School (in Harrow ?) and I think Philip Easthope did too. There were some rather unkind nicknames used in those days, so long before the dramas caused by Facebook ….. I remember Christmas Plays (I played a doll to Cliff Richards’ hit « Living Doll) and even a pet show ! It was, and no doubt still is, a very lively and active school. I have happy memories of my time there, which I think are an important basis for going on to be a balanced and productive adult.