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The principle aim of RE at Harlyn, is to enable children to develop an understanding and appreciation for the expression of beliefs, cultural practices and influence of different faiths, as well as to encourage children to develop their sense of identity and belonging through self-awareness and reflection. We aim to engage children in an enquiry approach where they can explore and develop an understanding of what religion is and provide opportunities to explore and express their own responses, personal beliefs and values, whilst developing skills such as: questioning, investigation, communication, expression and evaluation, promoting the ability to make reasoned and informed moral judgments.



The RE curriculum at Harlyn gives all pupils the opportunity to discover and explore a number of different faiths. It is designed to help children increase their understanding of religious concepts whilst also helping them to explore their own personal beliefs and values. The teaching of RE at Harlyn, ensures that a variety of the main world religions and faith festivals support our teaching on worship and celebrations. RE is taught through the delivery of exciting and engaging lessons, including visits to places of worship to further enrich children’s understanding. All children at Harlyn explore the world of religion and faith through stories, pictures, role play, artefacts and discussion, responding creatively through dance, drama, art and music. Children at Harlyn are encouraged to question how religious ideals and morals can apply to their own lives.


At Harlyn, RE prepares children to have a strong sense of belonging to their local, wider and global community and furthers their understanding of the multi-cultural society. Furthermore, RE contributes to our pupils’ personal and social development by promoting mutual respect and tolerance both in our school community and wider community. Through our RE lessons, children begin to make connections between the different faiths and beliefs as they discover common themes and morals; enabling pupils to develop respect, awareness and responsibility, ultimately leading to a better understanding of the world around them.


We expect the impact of our teaching to be that children meet age related expectations. These can be seen in the progression document below.