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 As most of you will be home-schooling, we wanted to help you with a rough timetable to help you structure your day.  Please also refer to the letter and schedule in the section below for more guidance.  

9 – 9.30

PE with Joe Wickes

9.30 - 10

English Focus (worksheet or online)

10 – 10.30

Phonics/Phonics play

10.30 - 11

Play time/screen time/snack

11 -12

Maths focus (worksheet or online)

12 - 1

Lunch/playtime (indoors/outdoors)

1 – 2

Topic work (art/craft

Scrap book/fact poster)

2 - 3

Reading/handwriting/play a game/do a puzzle/ online yoga


Topics for the summer term

Science- Plants- labeling parts of a plant/plants that we can eat/what plants need to grow. The four seasons and how trees change.

History- Toys- Comparing toys from the past e.g. Victorian times,the 80's and 90's up to the present day.

Geography-Looking at UK weather patterns /comparing extreme weather patterns globally.

Art- Sculpture- creating sculpture using clay.

Looking at the work of the artist Banksy. Creating work in the style of Banksy (stencils)

Design Technology- Healthy eating- Learning about food groups/creating a healthy meal.

Religious Education- Christianity- The ten commandments- bible stories( Jonah and the Whale)


We would like you to stay in contact using the new e-mail address and Miss Mussa or Mrs Colman

will be happy to answer any queries you have during school hours.       


smiley1M - Miss Mussa  (Year 1 Leader)                1C - Mrs Colman smiley  




Please use the links below, activities will be updated every Monday.


Take care and keep smilingsmiley    




In the section below, you will find weekly activities to support your child's learning at home.

Another great website to use is 

Twinkl are providing a daily timetable with suggested activity sheets that are tailored for Year 1.  We also recommend you join in with Joe Wicke's daily PE lesson at 9am every morning, which can also be accessed from the Twinkl home learning hub website.


Please find a link below that will enable your child to have free access to wide range of online levelled reading books.  


Go to

Click on the Teacher portal and enter


Password  Parents20!

30.3.2020 Update 

Dear Parents,

To support your child's home learning,  Harlyn Primary School has signed up to a new learning website called IXL, which provides online English and Maths activities suited for the Year 1 Curriculum. We have organised individual logins for your child to access to the IXL website and associated activities. - Maths - English



Please find below a letter that explains how to log on.

You will also find a spreadsheet below with your child's username and password, we strongly recommend that you change your child's password as soon as possible.


Enjoy learning and if you have any further questions, please email us and let us know how you get on.




Please find below a link to an online book that explains  Covid 19 and social distancing in a child friendly manner.  If your children are feeling anxious or worried, this could help alleviate some of their fears. 

Keep safe and keep smiling heart winkheart

IXL Website Information and usernames and passwords