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Year 1





Topics for the Autumn term


Animals including humans,

Learning about our body parts and our senses.

Classifying animals and their body parts – Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores



Significant events from the past –Bonfire Night and the Titanic

Naming the features and rooms within a home.

Recognising different types of homes and comparing homes form the past with the present.



Learning about the local area in relation to home and school.

Recognising physical features in the locality. E.g. road markings.

How places change for better or worse. 

Developing and expressing views on local community issues.


Art and Design Technology-

Developing painting and drawing skills.

Learning to mix paint.

                 Using different materials and exploring their effects.           Moving Pictures.

Learning about levers and sliding mechanisms.



Google Classroom for Parents and Children Instructions



Useful online Maths teaching resources


1) White Rose Hub -  is a resource we use in school.  The White Rose Hub has provided free online lessons and activities to support your child's learning at home.  Each lesson/activity is aligned to the National Curriculum for each Year Group.