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Dear Parents/Carers,

In Nursery we have enjoyed learning about growing and lifecycles. Next half term our topic will be ‘Journeys’ and we will also begin the transition process for those children moving to Reception.

Week beginning

Sounds of the week

We will be learning about…

3rd June


c (Mon & Tues)


k (Thurs & Fri)

Journey on a bus

Shapes and colours

Emergent writing

Different types of road transport 

10th June

12th June – Class photos

e (Mon & Tues)


u (Thurs & Fri)

Journey on an aeroplane

Writing holiday lists

Comparing objects by size

Name writing and cutting

17th June

19th June - Sports Day


r (Mon & Tues)


h (Thurs & Fri)

Journey into Space

Recognise and order numbers to 10 and beyond

Retelling stories

Sports Day practise

24th June 

25th June – Parent meetings


b (Mon & Tues)


f (Thurs & Fri)

Journey on a boat

Counting and recognising numbers

Pirate pictures

Emergent writing

Floating and sinking

1st July

1st July – Transition Day

4th July Teddy Bears Picnic with Reception

5th July Nursery last day

l (Mon & Tues)


j (Thurs & Fri)

Science Day

Transition Day

Teddy Bears Picnic


Phonics: In phonics we cover two sounds a week. On Mondays and Tuesdays we will learn the first letter of the week. On Thursdays and Fridays we will cover the second letter of the week. Please only send in items for the sound basket on these days. On Wednesdays we will be consolidating our sound work through additional activities.


Library: please send in your child’s Harlyn book bag on a Wednesday only so that we can change their library book - we cannot give out a new library book unless the previous one is returned. The school charges £3 for any lost library books. Nursery’s last library day will be Wednesday 3rd July – please bring in your library book so that we can return it.


Things you can do at home to support your child:

· Help your child practise recognising and writing the letters in their name.

· Mark making and practise letter formation. This could be by drawing the letter in the air, in sand, painting or using a pencil.

· Take your children to the library.

· Share books, discuss the story, characters and talk about their feelings.

· Help your child to count how many times the sound of the week appears on a page.

· Find objects at home that begin with the sound of the week.

· Informally point out numerals around them i.e. on clocks, calculators, remote controls, buses, phones etc.

· Practise number formation in the air, in sand, painting or using a pencil.

· Count steps, coins, family members and places at the dinner table.

· Find shapes in the environment, e.g. on road signs or houses.


Please note: just a reminder that the morning session starts at 8.30am (please arrive no later than 8.50am) and finishes at 11.30am. The afternoon session starts at 12.30pm and finishes at 3.30pm (you can pick up from 3.15pm). Please ensure that your child is on time for Nursery so that they do not miss important teaching time.


Uniform: please ensure your child is wearing the correct uniform and that all of your child’s clothing is labelled – including their velcro shoes, coats, hats, lunchboxes, and bags, as unfortunately items do go missing. Please keep your child’s spare clothes bag on their peg during term time.


Water bottles: Nursery provides drinking water and milk for children throughout the sessions. Only those staying for lunch need to send in a named water bottle.


Lunches: If your child is staying for lunch please note that we are a healthy school. Please DO NOT send in fizzy drinks, chocolate bars, sweets or whole nuts. For example, please send in:

· savoury option such as a sandwich or filled wrap

· fresh or dried fruit and/or vegetable

· a bottle of water

· savoury biscuits, cheese pieces or yoghurt.

Please note that we do not have facilities to heat up food or keep it cool. Thank you.


Spare clothes: Please make sure that your child has a Harlyn PE bag of spare clothes (including underwear and plimsolls/shoes) at Nursery. If you have been loaned any clothes belonging to Nursery please wash and return them. Thank you.


Sports Day: Weather permitting; we are holding our Sports Day on Wednesday 19th June. Please send your child to Nursery wearing T-shirt, shorts and plimsolls/trainers.


Parent Meetings: Parent meetings for children moving into Reception in September 2019 will take place on Tuesday 25th June (appointment information to follow). 


Transition Day: Transition Day will take place on Monday 1st July.  If your child is moving into Reception at Harlyn please remember to arrive in the Reception playground at 9.15am (see previous letter for additional information). There is no afternoon Nursery on this day for children moving up to Reception at Harlyn. If your child is continuing in Nursery or moving to a Reception class at a different school they can attend their Nursery session as normal.


Teddy Bears Picnic: on Thursday 4th July Nursery will be having a Teddy Bears picnic with Reception. Please can you donate a small amount of vegetarian food to our picnic (small cakes, biscuits, strawberries, cheese cubes, crisps – just no grapes please). The children are also allowed to bring a cuddly toy to take on our picnic. Thank you.


Nursery term dates: Nursery’s last day will be Friday 5th July in order for staff to carry out home visits for children joining us in September.


Enjoy the half term break and we will see you on Monday 3rd June.

Mrs Dookhun, Mrs Back, Mrs Alter, Mrs Coles, Mrs South, Mrs Delaney and Mrs Hobbs.

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