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We hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing break. As you will know school is now closed to all, except children of keyworkers and vulnerable children. In order to support you and your children at home we will be putting the work we are doing in school on the website. As learning in Nursery is taught through play we have attached a grid of  weekly activities which you may find useful. We will also be making regular phone calls to each family to offer our support and will be contactable via our email:

Stay safe and happy learning! smiley

Google Meets Instructions

Snow Day - Nursery PM

Phonics Recap

Still image for this video

Handwriting Ryhmes



Dear Parents/Carers,

We have had a first half of the Spring term in Nursery.  Next half term our topic is ‘Places I like to visit’ and we will also be celebrating World Book Day, Mothers’ Day and Easter.


Week beginning

Sounds of the week

We will be learning about…

22nd February

b (Mon & Tues)


f (Thurs & Fri)



The Park/Woods

Retelling ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’

Comparing and ordering objects by size

Making and tasting porridge – Home learning activity

Emergent writing

1st March

World Book Day –Thursday 4th March

(more details to be confirmed)

j (Mon & Tues)


l (Thurs & Fri)

World Book Day (4th March)

Sharing our favourite stories


Emergent writing

8th  March


q (Mon & Tues)


v (Thurs & Fri)

The Restaurant  

Different types of food

Weighing and patterns

Using tools safely

Making pizzas – Home learning activity

Mothers’ Day

15th March

w (Mon & Tues)


x (Thurs & Fri)

The Farm/Zoo

Different types of animals

Role of the vet

Positional language

Emergent writing

22nd March


y (Mon & Tues)


z (Thurs & Fri)

The Toy Shop

Writing lists


Scissor skills

Playing games and turn taking

29th  March

Nursery closes from Tuesday 30th  March

Recapping our sounds.


Spring and religious festivals

Easter cards and nests



Things you can do at home to support your child:

· Help your child practise recognising and writing the letters in their name.

· Mark making and practise letter formation. This could be by drawing the letter in the air, in sand, painting or using a pencil.

· Take your children to the library.

· Share books, discuss the story, characters and talk about their feelings.

· Help your child to count how many times the sound of the week appears on a page.

· Find objects at home that begin with the sound of the week.

· Informally point out numerals around them i.e. on clocks, calculators, remote controls, buses, phones etc.

· Practise number formation in the air, in sand, painting or using a pencil.

· Count steps, coins, family members and places at the dinner table.

· Find shapes in the environment, e.g. on road signs or houses.


Please note: just a reminder that the morning session starts at 8.30am (please arrive no later than 8.50am) and finishes at 11.30am. The afternoon session starts at 12.30pm and finishes at 3.30pm (you can pick up from 3.15pm). Please ensure that your child is on time for Nursery so that they do not miss important teaching time.


Please remember it is one/parent or carer at drop off and pick up, wear a face mask when on the school grounds if you are able to, and please maintain social distancing.


Uniform: please ensure that all of your child’s clothing is labelled - including shoes, coats, lunchboxes and bags, as unfortunately items do go missing. Please keep your child’s spare clothes bag on their peg and it will be sent home for the holidays.


Lunches: If your child is staying for lunch please note that we are a healthy school. Please DO NOT send in fizzy drinks, chocolate bars, sweets or whole nuts. For example, please send in:

· savoury option such as a sandwich or filled wrap

· fresh or dried fruit and/or vegetable

· a bottle of water

· savoury biscuits, cheese pieces or yoghurt.

Please note that we do not have facilities to heat up food or keep it cool. Thank you.


Nursery’s last day before the Easter Holidays will be Tuesday 30th March. Nursery will be closed on Wednesday 31st March and will reopen after the Easter break on Monday 19th April.


We appreciate all your support this term and hope you have a lovely half term break and we will see you on Monday 22nd February 2021


Many thanks, The Nursery Team